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Term and Conditions

Term and Conditions:

Patient Expectation

ForeverYou offers non-surgical alternatives to traditional cosmetic surgical interventions.  While most clients of ForeverYou report positive results, these accounts cannot be used to guaranteed favorable results for every individual.  Since results cannot be guaranteed, no representation can or has been made as to the specific results of cosmetic injections.  Additionally, no guarantee can or has been made or implied as to the “percent of improvement” you will receive treatment from ForeverYou. I understand, therefore, that the results of my procedure may be different from what I expect.     I also understand that it is not possible to predict my bodies reaction to treatment.  I realize that there is a possibility of skin irritation and a potential for infection, allergic reaction, local irritation, or localized swelling with cosmetic injection procedure.  This is a risk I am willing to accept. Also, I agree to notify ForeverYou or a health professional in case any of these complications occur.   

Pre-care expectation

I agree and consent to being medically cleared for treatment by a nurse or doctor representing ForeverYou either in person or via some electronic medium. 

Follow-up care

I agree to follow post-treatment instructions which may include a follow-up appointment(s) if necessary.

Patient Confidentially

Your health information is confidential and will never be given to anyone outside of ForeverYou.  HIPPA privacy rules grants you certain rights, among them are a right to confidentiality, access to patient records, and obtaining copies of your records.  For more information on your rights under HIPPA, go to

Correspondence with ForeverYou

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the security of any communication originating from this office; yet, communication is critical for scheduling and treatment or health-related information.  You to be contacted via email/text messages/phone call regarding your upcoming specials, appointments, or health-related information.  

Refund policy

There is no refund for payment made for treatment.  However, if you are not satisfied with your results, please contact ForeverYou for corrective options.

​​For our loyal friends

We offer the ForeverYou Advantage Program: ​Book your next appointment when you leave and receive $1.00/unit off on your next visit!