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She put the pieces together
and completed the picture of me!*

Treatment as unique as you are!

Our commitment:

  1. 1. To do one thing exceptionally well:
    1. We do injectables* - that's it!
  1. ​2. To take the time to know you and design a unique cosmetic plan just for you:
    1. The vast majority of our patients are long-time ForeverYou clients!
  1. 3. ​To provide privacy:
    1. Our lovely clinic is secluded on two serene, lakeside acres; yet, just minutes from downtown Clovis.
  1. ​4. To provide unsurpassed quality at affordable prices:
    1. Competitive pricing with a 98% patient retention rate.

Our goal:

  • To establish and maintain the best looking you
  • that's why we named our company: Forever You!


Before & After

Our Staff

Maureen Barrett, RN

injection Specialist

  • Began medical career in pre-and post-operative units.
  • Over thirty-five years in the medical profession.
  • Over 20 years as an injection specialist.
  • Trainedwith, and TRAINED, some of the most respected physicians in the Bay Area and the Central Valley!
  • One of the Central Valley's most respected and sought after injection specialists

Samuel B. Rush, M.D.

Medical Director

  • Highly respected internal medicine specialist.
  • Serving Clovis/Fresno community for over 40 years.

Do You Have Any Questions?

That's okay! We're masters at answering them. Consult our FAQ below or give us a call!

Making an appointment is easy! This link will take you to our online appointment page, where you can select a day and time that fits your schedule! You will receive a text message confirming your appointment and a text reminder 24 hours before your appointment. You may use the site to cancel or reschedule at any time.

Neuromodulators treatments (Botox®/Dysport®/Jeuveau®):
  • $12/unit for first-time patients
  • $11/units for patients on the Advantage Plan. To take advantage of Advantage Plan prices, simply make your next appointment upon completion of your treatment.
Filler (Juvederm®/Restylane®/Versa®/etc. ) treatments?
  • $600/syringe for results that last approximately 12 months.
  • $750/syringe for results that last approximately 18 months.
  • $900/syringe for results that last approximately 24 months.

Most patients start to see results in two to five days. The full treatment result is apparent in two weeks. You can maintain your youthful appearance by taking advantage of our Advantage Plan, and effects are constantly maintained, no up and down.

Immediately! You will walk out of the clinic with the look you want.
  • A neuromodulator treatment will last up to three months.
  • A filler treatment will last 12 – 24 months, depending upon the type of filler used.
No! One of the distinctive of a ForeverYou® treatment is the combination of a youthful AND natural look. Our goal for each patient is to foreverlook his or her best.
  • The typical treatment uses between 40 and 50 units
    • “Elevensies” or frown lines (glabella) 18 – 22 units
    • Forehead surprise lines (frontalis) 12 – 16 units
    • Crows feet (orbicularis creases) 10 – 12 units
    • See link for a visual illustration of each treatment
  • A typical treatment may use between 1 to 8 syringes.
    • Lip augmentation and/or marionette (puppet) lines (1 – 2 syringes)
    • Smile lines/nasolabial fold (1 – 2 syringes)
    • Mid-face augmentation/cheek lift (3 – 4 syringes)
    • See link for a visual illustration of each treatment
For the first time patient, this is one of the most commonly asked questions – and we do understand your concern. Discomfort is minimal with the use of topical and injectable anesthetics. We also have a squeezable ball to give some added support 😉

Yes, there are a few. Prior to treatment, medications that thin the blood (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) should be avoided for a minimum of 72 hours.

Strenuous activity that elevates your heart rate should be avoided. The following morning, all activities may resume as normal.

No downtime – you may resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.


Downtime will vary from patient to patient. Some patients resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Others may wish to go hide in their room until the swelling subsides.


You may experience some slight “mosquito-looking” bumps that are usually gone within 30 minutes. Slight bruising is always a possibility but happens infrequently. If bruising occurs, it is usually minor and goes away in a day or two.



​​For our loyal friends

We offer the ForeverYou Advantage Program: ​Book your next appointment when you leave and receive $1.00/unit off on your next visit!